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Posted on November 21, 2023

Companion Care for 91-Year-Old Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother

Diana is a 91-year-old great grandmother and a retired Director of Nursing and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who served in various hospitals and care facilities for nearly 50 years. Before earning her nursing degree, she served with the US Department of Justice as a US Marshal Matron who traveled the United States escorting captured federal fugitives where she earned numerous awards.  She was married to Vietnam and Korean war veteran (now deceased) who earned the Purple Heart and numerous additional awards then went on to become a US Marshal combating organized crime and drug cartels.  Her husband passed away in 2019 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with Military Honors. Each of Diana’s sons, grandsons and granddaughters served in the US Army, Federal and Local Law Enforcement, and as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Firefighter or as Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses throughout the United States and the world.  

The Duties and Responsibilities of Diana’s Companion

Diana has 24 Hour Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) support so your focus will be on her enjoyment and exercise of her mind through friendship, conversation, games, walks and simple support. Attitude is everything!  The following highlights the key responsibilities:

  1. Must be able to work in Minneapolis, Kansas for 10-to-12 daytime hours per week, normally broken into three-or four-days including weekends. We are open to more hours!
  2. Must be reliable, trustworthy, consistent, and prompt with minimal outside distractions while with Diana.
  3. Age is not important, only that you engage Diana in a fun, caring and healthy manner.
  4. Must focus on the mental and emotional health of Diana through personal engagement, discussion, games, etc.
  5. Must form a trusting friendship relationship in which she wants to speak and tell stories of her life or speak about current, past or future events.
  6. Must play board and memory games daily - She has AMD and cannot see so games must be chosen carefully.
  7. Must walk her around the house and with good weather outside – Set goals for steps taken during the day – Use counter, if necessary, which we will provide.
  8. Must watch televisions shows that she has an interest in and can listen and understand since she cannot see.
  9. Must play music that she likes 20 to 30 minutes per day. She likes music selectively.
  10. Must make her snacks that are healthy.
  11. Walk her two dogs once per day – the Caretakers will continue to walk them twice per day.
  12. Must take her to or order from the Red Lobster restaurant once per week. (Make Orders for Delivery, Pick up or Take Her).  We will provide the car.
  13. Must have a facial every other week in the home or at a local salon. (Make the Appointments).
  14. Must have haircut and fingernails done every other week at the salon in town or in the house. (Make the Appointments).
  15. Must sustain a fun, respectful and healthy relationship.

Jerry Torres

Minneapolis , KS